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Child Support Attorney

Family law matters involving the welfare and future of your children are typically the most stressful aspect of a divorce. Child custody arrangements and child support obligations can be overwhelming for everyone, but especially the children. The stress and anxiety brought on by new living arrangements can create lasting consequences for your children.

"I take the necessary time to get to know my clients, their concerns and their true goals. I then tailor my representation to my clients' needs." - Nancy Lara-Moscardini

At the Law Offices of Nancy Ann Lara-Moscardini, I provide 21 years of legal experience. I am dedicated to protecting my clients' rights and ensuring they not only achieve their goals, but also receive everything to which they are entitled under the law.

Appropriate time sharing schedules can provide stability for you and your children. Typically, the courts grant parents joint legal custody, allowing each parent to make decisions about their children's education, healthcare and religious upbringing. The courts follow the best interest of the children standard and generally provide flexible time sharing opportunities.

My goal is to help you achieve your custody and visitation objectives. I have extensive experience helping clients establish time sharing plans that address a wide range of factors, including:

  1. The age of the children
  2. Each parent's work schedule
  3. Each child's extracurricular activities
  4. Holidays and school vacations

Child support is generally determined in California by a formula based on each parent's income and the time share schedule. Whether you are seeking child support or you are facing the possibility of paying child support, I can help protect your rights. I will discuss your situation and goals and determine the best course of action. Without proper guidance, you could receive less than you deserve, or you could find yourself ordered to pay more than you deserve under the law.

Contact my firm today to arrange a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your family law matter with an experienced and dedicated attorney. I can be reached at 650-347-8592, or you may send me an e-mail. My office is located one block north of Burlingame Avenue, and parking is available across the street. Se habla español.

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